5th May 2017

Adam Handling’s new restaurant, ‘Frog’ in Covent Garden, London

We are delighted to have been appointed to design Frog, the new central London restaurant for Adam Handling, the young Scottish celebrity chef. The new restaurant will be the first one of a number that we will design for him in London and elsewhere in the next few years.

Located in Covent Garden, London, it will be a restaurant and bar at ground and basement levels, and it will showcase Adam’s extraordinary cooking ability in an environment that suits and enhances his personality.

Visitors will be able to view all the chefs in action in a kitchen open to the public, with special seating at the chef’s table close to the action. Private venues will also be hosted in a specially designed room. The restaurant and bar extension in the basement will provide an intimate and welcoming ambience while displaying challenging contemporary art.

The newly designed contemporary space will complement what will be an extraordinary culinary, drinking, visual and social experience.