18th January 2018

Concealed timber penthouses, almost invisible on an Islington rooftop, are submitted for planning

The new penthouse apartments on the roof of an existing building are designed as iself-contained, pre-fabricated units, with a solid timber structure, natural timber fa├žade, and large glazed openings. Their articulation breaks up the massing and reduces the visual impact while at the same time lightening the volume of the proposed extension.

Solid timber construction and cross laminated timber (CLT), in a modular system, offer high speed construction and a quiet and dry building site, plus high degree of thermal insulation. The new units have been designed to reflect the scale, rhythm and materials of the existing building. The one to three bed penthouses are surrounded by a continuous timber decked terrace with a green sedum roof.

The site is on the edge of the New River and Rosebury Avenue Conservation Areas.