10th June 2020

Milan Politechnic, Italy - 3rd June 2020, Lecture

Last Wednesday Laura gave her first lecture online - two hours to first year students at the Milan Politechnic, Italy. 

There were over fifty participants so, to save bandwidth, none of the students were visible and questions were filtered by the Professor acting as a moderator. It felt very much like talking to a webinar!

During the the lecture Laura covered the subjects the Politechnic requested; how we work compared to Italian practices, how we approach the internal spaces of buildings and sustainability all illustrated through our projects. At regular points throughout the lecture Q&A sessions allowed the students to gain further insight into each topic covered.

The lecture was very well received and was good training for what might become a more usual way to present to larger audiences.

Milan Politechnic, Italy - 3rd June 2020, Lecture