14th December 2018

Turnham Primary School - Architects Datafile

" Edward Williams Architects has completed a roof-top extension to a mid-twentieth-century primary school in Lewisham, developing and detailing the initial designs by Pollard Thomas Edwards Architects. Turnham Primary School needed additional facilities on a restricted site for their expanding pupil numbers. A large extension at roof level allows the school to grow, providing additional facilities in a light-filled space with views across the neighbourhood."

"Laura Carrara-Cagni, Director of Edward Williams Architects said,

“Previously squeezed into too few classrooms and with restricted play and creative spaces, it was brilliant to see the children expressing themselves in their bright new hall. Their classrooms are now airy spaces to support their learning (and colourful work!)”."

"John Halliwell, Executive Headteacher said,

“Now that we’re all back under one roof, it’s created a renewed sense of enthusiasm and vigour. The dance studio at the top is an amazing space… it’s allowed us to specialise in creative provision for dance, but also for the first time in the school’s history, we’re able to whole school assemblies. The quality of the build throughout is very high.”

Read the article at https://bit.ly/2CkRki8