UCLH Masterplan

UCLH Masterplan
Client: Public
Type: Masterplanning
Value: £10million+
Date: 2014
Size: 10,000+sqm
Status: Masterplan study completed
Location: London, UK

This master plan project focused on delivering a long term development plan for UCLH to allow the Trust to develop its healthcare buildings to support its long term strategic development.  UCLH sits in a dense urban environment and the master plan challenge was to provide a sequence of phased developments that allowed exiting activities to continue, that tied the Trust activities together and linked closely with its partner organisation UICL which is adjacent and created a positive healthcare and urban realm environment.  The tight urban layout also meant any plan had to maximise spatial value for the Trust.

The site is located to the south of Grafton on Way, and east of Tottenham Court Road in London, WC1. Tye surrounding area is residential, with main retail functions on Tottenham Court Road and to the west by University College London Buildings and Campus.  In the wider area, properties include a mixture of retail, office and residential accommodation, with further Trust properties present to the north of Euston Road and as far east as Kings Cross.

The Brief

A master plan for the wider site to accommodate the Macmillan Cancer Centre and Proton Beam Therapy building in a tight central location site.

The Vision:
The vision for the master plan was to fix the urban fabric of this part of London, connect disparate healthcare & research element relating to UCL & UCLH, provide suitable development sites for Macmillan Cancer Centre and Proton Beam Therapy Centre, provide a long term sustainable solution, allow for phasing & optimal decanting, allow for flexibility in use and allow for ongoing hospital activities to continue without interruption

The master plan met the brief and addressed key urban/planning issues in the following ways: it repaired the local urban fabric by completing, the urban block, and aligning with existing facade lines.  It respects the scale of surrounding environment by aligning the height of the building to its adjacent buildings. 

The development brief, created as the detailed design requirement that emerged to support the masterplan, provides a level of detail to complement existing buildings nearby. It provides a selection of materials to sit comfortably with the those buildings.

UCLH Masterplan
UCLH Masterplan
UCLH Masterplan
UCLH Masterplan