We design buildings for our clients from inception to completion of construction: we provide a full suite of architectural services.

We provide full architectural services for our clients and can tailor the services we offer to suit each project. At our core we are architects, we design, detail and manage on site the entire process of turning a dream into reality. We provide site ready construction drawings, schedules and information and work with specialist consultants, and contractors to deliver the best results every time.


Urban and Landscape design

We make sure that buildings sit well in their surroundings.

We have extensive experience designing urban realms and both hard landscaping (paving etc) and soft landscaping (planted areas) to set a building within its surroundings. How a building sits in its context is key for us, it connects it to the world and creates a link between outside and in.


Feasibility studies and Master planning

Often we are involved from the very start of a project helping to refine the initial ideas, looking at options and alternative approaches.

Many clients come to us with a site and a general idea of what they would like but need help to refine their brief and imaginative options for potential uses, use mixes, development ideas and approaches. We provide the imaginative responses to your site, and are able to create and work with a multidisciplinary team to deliver feasibility studies and then master plans, taking them through the local planning approval process for onward development or sale.


Local authorities and groups

We work with all stakeholders to explain, inform, and gather support. We have extensive experience presenting to, working with and developing design through consultations with local stakeholder groups, residents' associations, local authorities and conservation bodies such as English Heritage (in the UK). We understand and enjoy the consultative process and have developed multiple ways of interacting positively with all groups ranging from open days, seminars, presentations, workshops. We have extensive experience of design review processes.


Furniture and product design

We also design beautiful things for our clients using the best materials and workmanship.

We design things for our clients; from baths and sinks to chairs, lights, tables, and built-in furniture. We work with specialist craftsmen to realise our vision and respond to your brief. We have extensive experience designing unique products and multiples (for fabrication) and can create something exceptional for you. We understand the manufacturing process, can produce workshop ready fabrication drawings and work with specialists to review shop drawings, samples, mock-ups and prototypes.


Project/Design Management

We manage the whole design team to deliver on time and budget.

We normally act as the lead consultant, architect and design team leader on our projects. We organise the team to deliver your vision in time and on budget. We use tried and tested management and review processes to deliver co-ordinated information on programme and to cost.